SAC Downloads

Many new computer users have problems downloading and installing files from the internet. If you are new to downloading, please read our downloading tips before proceeding.

The 4.14 versions below will run correctly on all Windows platforms. The software does not support interactive "Online" play with multiple players. It is for the enjoyment of anyone looking for competitive competition against savvy, computerized opponents. ENJOY!

ATTENTION MAC USERS! This software is coded for Windows platforms only. It will not load or run on any Apple product.

Download from the following selections

Download Gin Rummy now
Gin Rummy ver. 4.14
File size 1167K


Download Single Deck Pinochle now
Single Deck Pinochle ver. 4.14
File size 1090K


Download Double Deck Pinochle now.
Double Deck Pinochle ver. 4.14
File size 1118K


Download Cut Throat Pinochle now.
Cut Throat Pinochle ver. 4.14
File size 1190K


Download Hand & Foot Canasta now.
2 Hand - Hand & Foot Canasta ver. 4.14
File size 1141K


Download Hand & Foot Canasta now.
4 Hand - Hand & Foot Canasta ver. 4.14
File size 1178K


Download Cribbage for Windows now.
Cribbage ver. 4.14
File size 1348K


Download all seven games now.
SAC 7 Pack (all 7 games - vrs. 4.14)
(WinZip is required to
uncompress this file)
File size 8121K

Do you need WinZip? Most Windows operating systems come with a free trial version of WinZip. If your version of Windows did not come with this utility, Click HERE to get your free trial copy.

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