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Two handed, Cribbage for Windows

SAC Cribbage Software

Four Cow rating - - From Tucows

This is the classic 2 hand Cribbage software game for PC's. Scored with a Cribbage board and pegs. Our Cribbage game plays at an extreemly competitive level and will give all Cribbage players a serious challenge. If you are just learning the game or you're an Ol' Pro, you will enjoy this program. If you are not on top of your game, Good Luck! It will beat you. It doesn't peek or cheat like many other Cribbage games available. It's just looking for some worthy Cribbage opponents.

SAC Cribbage software for Windows is distributed as a Trial, Shareware Program for Windows platforms, limit 25 games. Apple/Mac products are NOT supported. Feel free to pass the shareware version of Cribbage to your friends. Download the trial version of Cribbage by clicking the DOWNLOAD button (left).

Registered customers: If you are upgrading your Cribbage game, download the Trial version and use your Registration Key code to re-register the game.

Registered versions of Cribbage have unlimited play. You may register your copy by clicking on the Purchase link (upper left) or the Register link below. Registration fee is $24 (U.S.).

If you want a CD mailed to you when you purchase Cribbage, be sure to request one in the Delivery Method of your order. Cost for a CD is $4 extra. (U.S.) Total $28.

2 hand Cribbage supports:

  • all conventional Cribbage Rules
  • personal player names
  • sound on/off
  • save game for play later
  • game scored with Cribbage board and pegs.
  • Cribbage hints (if you need them)
  • minimize gametable

Latest version 4.14, 10/22/15
Minor update

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Cribbage Resources
None of these sites are associated with SAC Products or recommended vendors of SAC Products.

Cribbage Organizations

American Cribbage Congress

The American Cribbage Congress is a a national non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Cribbage in North America. They are the major sponsor of Cribbage tournaments nationally. Memberships are reasonable.

Cribbage Forum

The Cribbage Forum is a site devoted to Cribbage strategies of play. All levels of Cribbage players may find some of their analysis helpfull.

Cribbage Meetup Org.

Find or start a Cribbage players group in your area. Cribbage Meetup is a world wide resource for avid Cribbage fans to get together and play the game.

Cribbage Board Collectors Society

Collectors of Cribbage boards and related Cribbage accessories may find some usefull information at this site.

Cribbage Boards

Best of New England Cribbage boards

Best of New England offers over 150 unique Cribbage board designs. Most are moderately priced. Worth a peek, if you are looking for a special Cribbage board made in the U.S.A.


Cribbage has a work shop in Washington State that will make custom, personalized Cribbage boards for customers. They also have limited editions available. Pricing is moderate to high.

Lorne Merticks Cribbage boards

Lorne Mertick hand carves his Cribbage boards from a variety of woods. Very unusual selection as well as Cribbage Tables. All are high end, signed, artesian work.

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