Tips for downloading and installing our software

Our download files for individual programs are all .EXE files. This makes it very simple to complete the installation after the download. When the download is complete click on the OPEN button at the bottom of the download window and it will launch the Install Wizard. Continue to click NEXT until the Wizard has finished the install.

If you are downloading which contains all 7 of our card games in one download, it must be opened after the download with WinZip. Extract the files and sub-folder to a temporary directory and then run the file SACLauncher.exe. This is a shell program that will allow you to install only those games you want to try.

When you're ready to download

Open any Card Game page on our web site.

Click on the Download button. (Located in the left portion of the screen.) This will take you to our download page. There you can select the game(s) you want to download or the SAC6pack file which contains all six games.

Once you have made your selection the download process will begin.

Your browser will open a small window asking "What do you want to do with the file?"
Your choices will be Open file from current location or Save file to Disk

Do not select "Open file from current location", if you are downloading SAC7pack. This Zip file must be saved to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Once the download is complete you can exit the internet and complete the installation with WinZip as described above.

All other individual game downloads:
If you select "Open file from current location" the install Wizard will start immediately. (Be sure you have closed all running programs except your browser before making this selection.)

If you selected "Save file to disk", select Launch(Run) the file from the download window after the download is complete. The Install wizard will start imediately. OR exit the internet and Run the download file at your convenience to launch the Install Wizard.