Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Perhaps they will help answer a question you have as well. If not, send us an e-mail with your question.

I get the following error(s) #62 and #75 or #75 by itself when I start the game.
Error #75 is caused by not logging on to your computer as "ADMINISTRATOR". This blocks your permissions to read and write to most areas of your hard dive. This can be caused from other users changing your log on status, power failure or errors entering your Administrator password at log on. This situation can be verified by "Right Clicking" the program Icon and select "Run as Administrator". Allowing this action will open the program with out error.

To fix the problem: Normally shutting your computer down and rebooting using your correct Administrator Password will remove the error(s)

Error #62 by itself, is Very Rare! It means you have a corrupt setup file. You must manually delete this file. The software will create a new one when it can't find the old one. Depending on your version of Windows, the file is found in one of the following hidden directories:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
C:\Program Data

I get a Resolution not Supported error before the game starts!
This is caused by an erroneous entry in your computer Registry. It can be easily resolved by changing your Screen Resolution to a different setting (note your current setting before making the change), save it. Launch the game again. It should open with out error. You can then change your Resolution back to your original setting. This action updates your computer Registry information and removes the erroneous entry.

I get a display FONT size error before the game starts!
Display Font size or Desktop Font size (not to be confused with your regular font size used in applications) should be set to 96 DPI. Setting it to a larger size i.e.; 120 stretches the display of Full Screen Applications out of the viewing area of your screen. To avoid this problem our games prevent them from launching if the setting is not 96 DPI. This setting is changed in the Desktop Properties (Personalize or Preferences depending on Windows version).

My computer crashed and I had to down load my game(s) again. Do I have to purchase again?
No. You only register a software product one time. Just enter your registration key code in the new download to remove the 25 game limits.

I lost my key code. What do I do now?
Send us an e-mail requesting your key code and we will send it to you via e-mail.

I purchased 2 Handed Hand & Foot at regular price, can I purchase the new 4 handed game and get the combo deal for $39?
Sure! Except you can't use your credit card. Our credit card service can't confirm your registration of Hand Foot so you will have to send a check to us for $15 and we'll handle it here. See: SAC Order Info for instructions to purchase direct from us.

Can I register your games for someone else as a gift?
You bet! Just send us the name and address of the person gifted so we can add them to our Registered user Data Base.

I got my Registration Code. What do I do with it now?
Click the Menu button on any game. You will find the link to enter your Registration Key Code. Once entered correctly in the Registration Key Code field click SAVE.