Free digital alarm clock

Our digital alarm clock is free to visitors of this site. It is a simple program and does not contain any documentation nor do we offer tech support so you may want to print this page to review the instructions on it's use.

When you launch the program all you will see is a small window with the time displayed in a digital format. You will also see an image of an alarm clock to the right of the time display.

The program will run in front of any other application loaded. The window can be moved or minimized.

The time display uses the following format to display the time. 9:22:35 AM

To set the alarm, click on the alarm clock image. The current time disappears and you are prompted to enter the time you want the alarm to go off.

You must enter the alarm time in the same format used to display the current time.
hour:minute:second (am or pm)

Click on the alarm clock image again. The current time will return to the time display. The alarm will go off at the time specified.

The alarm sound is a wave file named myalarm.wav. This sound can be replaced with any other .wav file by renaming the new wave file the same file name and placing it in the program's directory.

The alarm clock image also flashes when the alarm has gone off. It will continue to flash until it is clicked or the program is closed.

Enjoy! and thanks for visiting our site.

Download SACAlarm Clock now.