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5 Star award from FindMySoft

Two handed, Gin Rummy for Windows

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a very popular game and our game plays at a very competitive level. If your not extremely good at Gin Rummy, this game will BEAT YOU! We have reduced this game down to a mathamatical formula. NO CHEATING. Just odds from cards discarded and drawn. Think you are good? Give it a try. If you are just learning the game or you're an Ol' Pro, you will enjoy this program.

Gin Rummy for Windows is distributed as a Trial, Shareware Program for Windows platforms, limit 25 games. Apple/Mac products are NOT supported. Feel free to pass the shareware version to your friends. Download the trial version by clicking the DOWNLOAD button (left).

Registered customers: If you are upgrading, download the Trial version and use your Registration Key code to re-register the game.

Registered versions have unlimited play. You may register your copy by clicking on the Purchase link (upper left) or the Register link below. Registration fee is $24 (U.S.).

If you want a CD mailed to you when you purchase the game, be sure to request one in the Delivery Method of your order. Cost for a CD is $4 extra. (U.S.) Total $28.

2 hand Gin Rummy supports:

  • all conventional Gin Rummy Rules
  • personal player names
  • sound on/off
  • save game for play later
  • minimize game table

Latest version 4.14, 10/22/15
Minor update

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