Favorite Links
Excellent software selections. Most current updates! Forte Downloads has a very extensive shareware selection of all software categories. They are on top of latest versions and O/S compatibility tests for VISTA and Windows 7.
Extensive freeware and shareware software selections! PC District has a very extensive freeware and shareware selection of all software categories.
Download freeware and shareware software from Tucows! One of the top download sites on the internet for Quality Shareware products.
Vista compatible files Windows Vista file archive. Newest Windows Vista compatible shareware and freeware.
Many categories.
Shareware and Freeware downloads from Canistota Software A great download site for Shareware and Freeware products.
Ensheen has a massive selection of software This site offers one of the most complete selections of downloadable software I have seen.
A great selection of Shareware and Freeware. This site offers A great selection of Shareware and Freeware products. Features a wide assortment of software categories..
Shareware and Freeware downloads from the UK A hefty download site for Shareware and Freeware products. Spanish, French and yes English menus for your use.
Shareware downloads from Daolnwod Quirky names aside. A top download site for many software products.
Shareware downloads from FreshFolder FreshFolder is a breeze to navigate and has a great selection of Shareware titles.
TrialFiles Download site Trial Files has many Shareware and Freeware downloads.
Euro Download Euro Download is a large Shareware and Freeware download archive updated daily.
Foreign Nations Looking for card games from countries outside the USA? Check this site out. Vladlen Zeniukov's card games.
The House Of Cards A good site to visit for a several popular shareware card games and gaming accessories.
The Shareup Networks Download Games plus many other shareware applications from the Shareup Networks.
CardsChat CardsChat has several forums to chat with other players about your favorite Card games.
FreeTrialSoft Freetrialsoft offers many software applications including a very good selection of card games.
FilesArchive.com FilesArchive is a huge, very well organized download site for all kinds of applications. Highly recommended.
FreeDownloadableSoftware Free Downloadable Software has many games on their site.
Software downloads from Soft14 Soft14 features freeware, shareware and quality commercial software downloads.
Software downloads from 5 Star Shareware This site features a wide variety of downloadable software.
01-Shareware search engine 01-Download is a search engine dedicated to software.
Ivertech.com A complete download site full of quality shareware/freeware products.
FileEdge.com A very complete online catalogue full of quality software products and user reviews.
8844Download.com This is a very nice download site. Many catagories to select from.
directorygame.com Categorized, searchable listings of online game sites. Loaded with links for playing cards, tables, boards etc.
EfreeDown.com EfreeDown is a complete Freeware and Shareware download site. All categories of software are available.

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